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Derge (སྡེ་དགེ)

A famous Tibetan metalworking center in present-day Sichuan.
Loukong Chinese openwork

Lòukōng (鏤空)

Chinese term for openwork.
Tibetan matchlock musket logo

Me mda' (ཨེ་མདའ་)

Tibetan word for the matchlock musket.
Tibetan quiver

Mda‘ gdong (མད་འ་ག་དོ་ང་)

Tibetan for an open quiver that spreads the arrows out.
Pa tam

Pa tam (པ་ཏམ་)

Tibetan word for a sword worn at the waist.

Dpa'dam (དཔའ་དམ་)

Tibetan name for their typical dress sword.
Huolianbao logo

Huǒ lián bāo (火䥥包)

A traditional fire-making pouch.