Not all antiques survived as good as we would want them to. Philip Tom can help with blade polishing, straightening, conservation, scabbard making, and other repairs.

Restored saber

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Philip Tom and Peter Dekker have lots of combined experience in the world of antique arms and historical arms research. We advised various authors, museum curators, fellow researchers, film and documentary makers, educative institutions and private collectors.

Expertise focuses mostly on the antique arms and armor of the east, including China, Southeast Asia, colonial maritime Asia, Korea, Mongolia, Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, the Middle East, up to the Ottoman Empire and Eastern Europe.

Topics include, but not limited to: edged weapons, pre-modern firearms, composite bows, and archery traditions.

Our input can vary from general advice to doing all the research, producing ready-to-publish texts and photographs for publications.




Grip wrapping on Chinese swords and sabers

Peter Dekker can reproduce several historical methods that were used on Chinese swords, sabers and (semi-)polearms.

Wrap and lanyard by Peter Dekker




Composite bows

Peter Dekker has extensive experience with the composite bow. An archer himself who shoots Asian composite bows he knows how to care for these delicate instruments and can help repair and straighten antique bows that have suffered neglect.

Composite bows




If you have anything in your collection that you want to sell I may be interested to buy it from you or sell it on consignment. 
If not, I will advise you how and where best to sell it.

I am always open for mutually beneficial, long term business relationships.

Don't hesitate to contact me.

Antique arms of Asia