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Sinhalese lacquer work

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An old bronze hilt in the shape of chilanum hilts.
Of a type that is strongly associated with the Vijayanagara empire.
With beautifully shaped blade and fine, elaborately chiseled hilt.
With elaborately pierced and chiseled hilt.
With wootz blade, and silver overlaid hilt that was finished with fire-gilding.
A substantial example, of elegant form, with a complex grooved blade.
Used in a target archery sport that was originally practiced in the Keraton.
Rarely seen today, a commoner's example with carved, bone hilt.
Made in the Four Workshops of the King of Kandy.
Named so due to their extremely heavy, bullet-shaped arrowheads.
A south Indian saber carrying the name "Sri Bhima Nayak".

A very rare example of a type of all-leather tube quiver that was used by…

Thought to have been presented by the Royal House of Nepal.
Modeled after the Chinese "guan dao", made of lacquered wood.
With markings suggesting it was a wedding gift, presented in 1832.
Depicting the golden cat, representing the 6th military rank.