1. Authenticity

As a buyer, you can be confident that the items I sell are genuine antiques.

I study meticulously and form my opinions carefully. I invite you to read some of the articles I wrote for this site so that you can form your own opinion on my work.

Over the years, I have helped many auctioneers, museum curators, fellow dealers and private collectors. I worked in advisory roles with institutions like the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the Klingenmuseum of Solingen, the Royal Armories in Leeds, the Wallace Collection and British Museum in London, and the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

I stand for the items I offer, I bought them because I believe in them in the first place. I take great care in representing my items to the best of my knowledge through detailed photographs and descriptions. There will be no surprises: Restoration and replaced parts will always be disclosed.

2. Payment

My prices are in Euros because most of my bills are. However, in some cases, I may be willing to accept payments in either US dollars or British pounds. My preferred method of payment is by wire transfer.

I am also willing to accept payment through PayPal, but in that case, I will ask the buyer to add 4% to cover some of the fees that PayPal charges me over such payments. Or, to avoid the fees, choose the "pay someone you trust" option, this will waive the buyer protection but will save you the fee.

In some cases, payment in terms can be discussed. The deposit in this case is at least 20%. Payments in terms are non-refundable, and for items paid in terms, the sale is final.

3. Shipping

The best-case scenario would be if the client comes and pick up the item in person. This way we can have a chat, a handshake, and it saves me packing. Of course, I rarely sell within my own country so such meetings are a lot less frequent than I would want to. I provide shipping as a service.

It is the buyer's responsibility to meet your local custom's requirements and regulations. I do have a lot of experience shipping to various countries, so in most cases, I can advise on local rules and regulations.

Packages will be shipped insured unless agreed otherwise. In case of loss during shipping, if the package was insured I will gladly assist in insurance matters. In the vast majority of cases, a lost item does turn up within 1-2 months so usually, we don't need to go there.

4. Damage

I ship worldwide for years now, and I tend to pack rather well, so luckily, the percentage of damage so far has been less than 0.5%, and the damage that occurred was minor. That said, it is not always in our control, and damage can happen.
In case of a damaged package, treat it like a crime scene. Don't do anything else but:

1. Notify me immediately. (I need to file within seven days of receiving.)
2. Take several photos of the damaged box, including the label, as you got it.
3. Take several photos of the damaged item. Exactly as you got it.
4. Report the damage to the shipping company you got it from. (Either the local postal service or one of the courier services. A local report from them is often necessary for a claim.)

Only with the above can I attempt to file a successful claim.

5. Photos and their publication

I don’t just photograph my items to sell them, I photograph them for future research and reference and to help a new generation of collectors to progress in our wonderful field. As such, it can be that your item will remain online or appear somewhere in a publication related to my business or otherwise. I retain all rights to my photos and text and can use them for whatever purpose, regardless of the fact that the piece is not in my possession anymore.

Exceptions to the above can only be negotiated prior to a sale.

6. Returns

I accept returns on pieces ordered from my site when despite my efforts, an item does not appear to be as I depicted and described. In that case, the purchase price (minus shipping) will be refunded. I must be notified via email within 7 days after you received the item. I will commence payment once the item is back in my possession, in the condition as it was sent by me. Return shipping is paid by the purchaser.

Sales on items paid in terms are final, as are sales of items that have been personally inspected by the buyer.

7. Consignment

I take consignments or sometimes will be interested in buying your item directly. For best results, the items are shipped to me so I can photograph and describe them in my signature manner. I have no standard commission rates, rather, I work out a sales strategy per piece. I often try to get at least the seller's purchase price out of it plus some profit for both of us on top. The key is to create a win-win situation for me and the consignor, as a belief that any valuable relationship should be mutually beneficial.

8. Certificate of Authenticity

While I am of the opinion that certification is ideally not issued by the party who also sells the item, I am happy to provide a Certificate of Authenticity on request.

9. Warranty

As most items I sell are well over 100 years old, these items are sold to be enjoyed "as is". I cannot give any warranty as to their function. For example: If you decide to use your antique Chinese saber for forms practice, I cannot guarantee that the hilt will remain tight. For antique firearms, I cannot guarantee the integrity of their barrel and the flawless function of the mechanisms. Items will keep deteriorating after purchase, a natural process that is hard to stop but could be slowed down with the proper care. The buyer is responsible for maintenance, like oiling the blade to keep the rust away. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with me.

For the same reasons, I can also not guarantee the durability of repairs, for example, that a tightened handle remains tight, etc.

10. Legal

By buying from me, you accept all the above terms and conditions. It is the buyer's responsibility to meet any local legal demands.

Questions? Get in touch:
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