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Saber grooves

Dāo cáo (刀槽)

Qing Chinese for a groove in a saber blade.
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Yútóudāo (魚頭刀)

A subtype of Chinese sabers with a peaked spine.
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Jiǎn (鐧)

A type of Chinese mace with a smooth rod.
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Yànlíngdāo (雁翎刀)

A Chinese saber type that translates as "goose-feather saber".
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Yànchìdāo (雁翅刀)

Chinese saber type with a gently curved blade and clipped tip.
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Liǔyèdāo (柳葉刀)

A Chinese saber with a gentle curve.
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Yànmáodāo (雁毛刀)

A Chinese saber type with a mainly straight blade that curves up at the tip. It literally means "goose-quill-saber".
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Dāndāo (單刀)

Literally "single saber", it refers to any type of dāo used solely without shield or weapon in the other hand.
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Huāwéngāng (花文鋼)

A type of pattern welding known in English as twist-core.