Overall length

44.4 cm

Blade length

27 cm

Blade thickness

Base 13 mm

At widening 9 mm

Near tip 6 mm

Blade width

Widest at base 52 mm

At widening 47.5 mm

Near tip 16.5 mm


Inside diameter 26 mm

Outside diamter 34 mm


771 grams






16th to 18th century


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Spearheads and especially Chinese spearheads are very hard to date because styles changed little over time, plus we lack a group of spears with good provenance which we can use as a dating benchmark. The patina on exposed parts like the socket is usually only a function of storage conditions, not of actual age. 

Nevertheless, here I have a spearhead that I think could be late Ming (1368-1644) by virtue of its pronounced shape.

It is heavy, well-made for Chinese work and probably a military issue. The base is rounded, then follows a "waisted" area, after which the spearhead tapers gradually towards its tip. Both edges ahead of the waisted area are sharp.

The head is forged on a socket with two multi-facetted bolsters. The cross-section above and in-between the bolsters is octagonal, while the socketed end in the bottom is round in cross-section.

Some nicks in the edge, possibly from actual use. Mild pitting a deep dark brown patina throughout.

Antique Chinese spearhead
Antique Chinese spearhead
Antique Chinese spearhead
Antique Chinese spearhead
Antique Chinese spearhead

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With designs of four dragons in scrollwork around a "wish-granting-jewel"


A rather well-made example of its type.


Used to move imperial orders from the emperor’s quarters to the recipient.


Named so after the two ridges that are formed on the bi-fullered blade.


With a recurved blade and elaborate bronze hilt decorated with chakras.


With pierced mounts and velvet-covered scabbard.

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