Village dao overall
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Overall length

70 cm

Blade length

57 cm

Blade thickness

Base 7 mm

Middle 5 mm

5 cm from tip 3 mm

Blade width

Base 38 mm

Middle 33 mm

5 cm from tip 29 mm


843 grams

Point of balance

12.5 cm from guard


Iron, steel, wood




19th century


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A simple Chinese dāo. Its blade is nearly straight for most of its length, sweeping up at the tip. The steel shows an inserted high-carbon edge supported by iron or milder steel layers. Some edge damage from use.

The hilt features an iron guard with a separate rim and a wooden grip with iron pommel and ferrule.

The who appearance is tool-like, and it was probably made by a smith who was more used to making farming implements.

Such weapons were made throughout China and armed local martial artists, militiamen, and rebels. And indeed, sometimes the line between those two was vague, or the answer depended on who you'd ask.


Chinese village dao
Chinese village dao
Chinese village dao
Chinese village dao
Chinese village dao
Chinese village dao
Chinese village dao

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With a golden damascened lock of the Indo-Portuguese type.


Very good example with a finely carved warrior scene.


Probably of Southern origin, with a straight blade and flaring tip.


In the style of northern work of the 16th and 17th centuries


Of classic shape, with a leaf-shaped blade on a socket, connected by a cast bronze base.


A very rare Chinese saber guard dating from the height of the Qing dynasty.