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Firangi logo

Firanghi with gold overlaid hilt

The manner of decoration is entirely geometrical, which is very hard to do right.
Pata with Solingen blade

Solingen blade with pata hilt

Indian gauntlet sword with German blade made in Solingen.
Boy's brass hilted pata

Boy's brass hilted patá

With a charming brass zoomorphic gauntlet with feline head.
Khanjarli logo

A South Indian khanjarli

A fine, early example with silver-plated details.


The Marathi name for the pata, a gauntlet sword thought to have been developed by them.


An Indian gauntlet sword.
Chiseled khanda hilt

Chiseled iron Hindu basket hilt

With blackened iron panels with decorative borders carved in relief.
Indian khanjarli logo

A large and very good khanjarli

With lunette pommel of ivory plates.
Fine Indian sword

A fine Indian sword

This one is for the connoisseur of blades.