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Qing miaodao logo

Miáodāo (苗刀)

Chinese name for a slender, curved saber. Often associated with large two-handers.
Changdao logo

Chángdāo (長刀)

Chinese term for "long saber".
Zhanmadao logo

Zhǎnmǎdāo (斬馬刀)

Literally, "horse cutting blade". The name of various classical Chinese weapons.
Antique Chinese changdao logo

An antique chángdāo

Its large blade is of ridged cross-section, inspired by the Japanese design.
Dandao logo

Dāndāo (單刀)

Literally "single saber", it refers to any type of dāo used solely without shield or weapon in the other hand.
Ming dandao

Ming dandao

With rare raised backedge.