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Language: Mandarin Chinese
Source: In common use


Kuī () means "helmet" in Chinese. 


A Jianruiying field helmet.

At first glance this looks like a standard pattern Qing military helmet of the late 18th century. But: The back and side flaps are indigo blue with yellow edging: Jianruiying colors.

A practical helmet, the flaps are brigandine with rectangular steel plates are secured inside the fabric with rivets that can be seen from the outside.


Jianruiying field helmet

Jianruiying helmet. Frontal view.
Author's collection.



Jianruiying field helmet

Jianruiying helmet. Back and side views.
Author's collection.


Jianruiying helmet inside

View inside the helmet, showing the liner cap.


Jianruiying liner cap

Liner cap in Jianruiying colors.
(Usually, these are black and red, regardless of banner affiliation.)


Jianruiying helmet, top view

Jianruiying helmet, top view.





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Consisting of shield, helmet and arm protector.


DescriptionA Mongolian trousse with horn hilted


Typical Chinese hook sword, with seldom-seen fine silver wire overlay.

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With the swirling arabesque motifs that are typical for this period.


Mounted on a custom hardwood stand


With markings attributing it to the Tongzhou incident and a Japanese surrender tag.