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Chinese arms nomenclature

Glossary of Chinese saber terminology

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With heavy pierced silver mounts in with archaic dragon designs.
With a lozenge pattern of brass rings.
With design features reminiscent of Persian and Indian bows.
Most likely used by the multi-cultural crews of pirate fleets that roamed the…
A heavy, well-made piece that was probably a military issue.
An exceptionally large example with silver-clad scabbard.
The 17th-century blade is mounted in fittings designed by Philip Tom and…
An unusual type with a broad leaf-shaped head with deep sunken panels.
With a hidden compartment for a small utility knife.
Of slender type with a chiseled iron knot shaped bolster.
A Japanese style sword guard made in 17th century Nagasaki Chinatown.
A rare 17th-century sword guard made of foreign steel.
With broad silver-clad scabbard, worked entirely in repousse.
Of the exact type seen in use by the famous 29th Route Army.
With staghorn grip finely carved with plum blossoms.
An outstanding example with very fine silver and moth-of-pearl work.