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Chinese arms nomenclature

Glossary of Chinese saber terminology

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Despite the beautiful summer weather in Haarlem I spent much of my time indoors the last weeks photographing, researching and describing 9 new items.

It was a pleasure…

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Of an early type with dramatic widened shape.
With gold and black painted face with geometric decor.

A very rare example of a type of all-leather tube quiver that was used by…

Adjusted for use on a Japanese sword.
With carved stone handles and superb workmanship in silver and mother-of-pearl.
Fitting in a single scabbard. Modest for Sinhalese work.
A massive example weighing just over 800 grams. With scabbard.
A very fine specimen, complete with ruby-set scabbard.
Price on request
A type of long keris often described as "execution keris".

A sikin panjang with a triple golden crown.


An interesting pierced iron Asian export sword guard that is part of a small…

A chiseled iron sword guard depicting a Dutch ship with a figure on its stern.
A heavy Indian katar with substantial armor piercing blade.
A large circular Asian export sword guard with elaborate decor carved in relief…
With great sculptural qualities.
A beautiful signed Japanese ferrule and pommel plate.