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Chinese arms nomenclature

Glossary of Chinese saber terminology

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I am frequently asked whether I can recommend good, faithful reproductions of Chinese swords.

I have long been a fan of Fred Chen's work, so here is a review on the …

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With a connection to local royalty in Jinchuan, Sichuan province.
Price on request
Made of heavy silk with gilt copper alloy mounts.
With a fine wootz blade with a pronounced center ridge.
Price on request
A rare set of twin knives in a single scabbard.
A signed and dated Burmese dha.
An earlier example with an iconographic hilt.
A rare Burmese weapon combining a percussion carbine with a short sword.
Of an early type with dramatic widened shape.
With gold and black painted face with geometric decor.

A very rare example of a type of all-leather tube quiver that was used by…

Adjusted for use on a Japanese sword.
With carved stone handles and superb workmanship in silver and mother-of-pearl.
Fitting in a single scabbard. Modest for Sinhalese work.
A massive example weighing just over 800 grams. With scabbard.
A very fine specimen, complete with ruby-set scabbard.
Price on request
A type of long keris often described as "execution keris".