Tool kukri
Overall length

Sheathed 42 cm

Khukurī 41.3 cm

Blade length

30.8 cm

Blade thickness

Base 7.3 mm

Shoulder 7 mm

5 cm from tip 4.5 mm

Blade width

Base 31 mm

Widest 55 mm


447 grams

Point of balance

11 cm from hilt


Iron, steel, wood, leather, horn, bone




First half of the 20th century


From a European collection

Price €650, -

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A "trousse khukurī" of the first half of the 20th century. Typical blade style of the period, with hollow ground sides, fairly fat "belly" in profile and a roundish notch. The wooden hilt has a pommel that starts narrow and flares out wide. It has an iron bolster.

Its scabbard is made of wood, covered with black leather. Besides the usual pockets for karda and cakmak there are nine additional pockets. Two are left empty, the others are filled with a variety of tools ranging from hooks, a pair of scissors, tweezers, a corkscrew, and more.

Trousse kukri pocketsTools in trousse kukri


Nick in blade. Some chipping of the pommel. Two tools missing. Some losses to the scabbard. Otherwise in good shape. See photos.

Kukri with tools
Kukri with tools
Kukri with tools
Kukri with tools
Kukri with tools
Kukri with tools

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With a very fine Nepalese blade, but kard-like hilt and scabbard.


Early type with very shallow notch in the blade and little flare in the pommel.


Unusual example with hilts carved in lionesque heads.


The pierced silver mounts with parcel gilding and red velvet backing.


Simple piece with a beautiful blade profile.


Very large presentation kukri from the Sundarijal Arsenal in Nepal.