Language: Sinhalese
Source: Standard literature


Patisthāna is the name given by Henry Parker word for a type of polearm that resembles the partisan of Europe.1 It is more commonly called patisthānaya. The Sinhalese word probably derived off the Portuguese word partidária.

For a more elaborate article, see: Patisthānaya

Sinhalese pastisthanaya

A fine antique Sinhalese patisthānaya. Sold by Mandarin Mansion in 2019.


1. H. Parker, Ancient Ceylon. Luzac & Co, London, 1909. Pages 534-538.

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With carved horn hilt and characteristic finger guard.


Rarely seen today, a commoner's example with carved, bone hilt.


A beautiful black coral hilted example, made in the King's workshops.


Of the chopper variety, with a finely carved ivory hilt.


Of nice quality, with unusual openwork silver bolster with serapendiya.