Language: Nepali
Source: A 1931 dictionary


Khol (खोल्) is the Nepali word for the grooves running the base of a khukurī blade. They are present on the vast majority of antique khukurī.

Alternatively, it can mean scabbard, sheath; any covering.

Well, not any. The khukurī scabbard specifically is called dāp (दाप्).


Khol lines on khukuri

A mid 19th century khukurī with khol.
The are the two narrow grooves running along the back of the first portion of the blade.


For a complete overview of khukurī terminology, see my article: A Nepalese khukurī glossary.


1. Sir Ralph Lilley Turner; A comparative and etymological dictionary of the Nepali language. London: K. Paul, Trench, Trubner, 1931.

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Thought to have been presented by the Royal House of Nepal.


With pierced mounts and velvet-covered scabbard.


Named so after the two ridges that are formed on the bi-fullered blade.


With engraved spine and unusual all brass pommel.


A 19th-century piece with a simple blade but nicely carved hilt.


Signed: Ricky Milnes, India 44, Burma 44, Ramree 45.