The Baltimore show is canceled and travel banned, so I will be staying at home for the foreseeable future.

Instead, I will be spending my time at home, doing what I usually do: Photograph, research, measure, write.

This week I will focus mainly on antique archery equipment, a long-time passion of mine.

Antique Asian archery material

Some of the equipment that is on the research / publication list.

I will also list some of the pieces for sale this week, although I can imagine purchasing antiques will not be the first thing on people's minds at the moment. Nevertheless, I hope the descriptive articles will provide interesting reading and perhaps some means of positive distraction.

As for COVID-19, I hope you and your families will stay safe. Our most important task as individuals now is to slow the spread, so that our healthcare systems do not get overloaded. Most people will be fine, but we need to make sure that those that get seriously ill can continue to get proper treatment.

Take care, and be safe!


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Of the Western Buryats, living near the shores of Lake Baikal.


A very rare example of a type of all-leather tube quiver

Price on request

Used in a target archery sport that was originally practiced in the Keraton.


Such rings were worn by Qing dynasty "bannermen" as a sign of their status as a conquest elite.


It's face covered with beautifully lacquered leather, in that characteristic earlier style.


With a large double-edged tip and golden cresting.