Tibetan nomad's whip
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143 cm

Head size

Length 101 mm

Width 33.5 mm

(on the flats)


368 grams

Head 290 grams


Iron, leather




19th century


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A Tibetan nomad's whip. Together with slings, they were used in yak herding, keeping wolves and other wild animals at bay, and the occasional brawl.

It consists of an iron weight with a square bottom and tapering top with faceted peak and a hole for a ring. The ring is connected to a long leather strap.

This is an antique that I purchased from a Tibetan man at a flea market in Bejing 2005. Similar pieces are still used by Tibetan nomads today.


Tibetan herder

A Tibetan woman rounding up her yaks.
Golog, Qinghai, March 8, 2012.
Photographer unknown.

Tibetan nomad's whip
Tibetan nomad's whip
Tibetan nomad's whip
Tibetan nomad's whip
Tibetan nomad's whip
Tibetan nomad's whip

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