Language: Chinese
Source: An antique brass ceremonial halberd head.


Wàn Chéng (萬成) is the name of a shop that produced a brass ceremonial halberd, and possibly more related items. The exact inscription reads:



Wancheng shop mark


Wàn Chéng zào

"Made by Wàn Chéng"

Shop markings on Chinese arms and armor and related items are extremely rare. The shop name literally means "Ten thousand victories" and judging from the style and workmanship of the piece was probably located in southern China.



Wancheng halberd in full

The Wàn Chéng made halberd in full.
Anonymous collection.


The piece is further dated with an exact date: 


"Tongzhi 3rd Year 1st Heavenly Stem 1st Earthly Stem." 


"The first day in midwinter."

The 1st day of the 11th month of the lunar calendar. An auspicious day.
Corresponds to November 29 of the year 1864.





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