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Language: Vietnamese
Source: In modern use


Trường đao (長刀) literally means "large sword". The trường đao is a type of Vietnamese falchion that is closely related to Chinese dàdāo (大刀). It typically has a long hilt, often wrapped with rattan and a ring pommel. It usually has a small guard and a large blade that flares out considerably.

A typical truong dao

A typical example. Probably 19th century.
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Old photographs often show this type of weapons used for decapitations, but this was probably not their sole purpose. I have had matched pairs even, of a smaller and larger example, that suggest they were also worn by fighting men.

Vietnamese headsmen


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Of very good quality for this type of weapon.


An exceedingly rare set with fine mother of pearl inlaid string board


With forward swept iron guard and swollen grip.


Broad bladed example with horn hilt and engraved blade.


Collected by a Russian prince from the hill peoples of central Vietnam in 1892.


Description A rather unusual Vi