Language: Vietnamese
Source: In modern use


Trường đao (長刀) literally means "large sword". The trường đao is a type of Vietnamese falchion that is closely related to Chinese dàdāo (大刀). It typically has a long hilt, often wrapped with rattan and a ring pommel. It usually has a small guard and a large blade that flares out considerably.

A typical truong dao

A typical example. Probably 19th century.
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Old photographs often show this type of weapons used for decapitations, but this was probably not their sole purpose. I have had matched pairs even, of a smaller and larger example, that suggest they were also worn by fighting men.

Vietnamese headsmen


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Of very good quality for this type of weapon.


A very rare ceremonial variety with copper scabbard inlaid with different alloys, and a brass blade.


An exceedingly rare set with fine mother of pearl inlaid string board


With forward swept iron guard and swollen grip.


Collected by a Russian prince from the hill peoples of central Vietnam in 1892.


Description A rather unusual Vi