Language: Japanese
Source: In common use


Shihōzume-gitae (四方詰え) literally means "four sides packed forging".

Similar to the hon-sanmai construction but with the addition of a separate section of so-called munegane (棟鉄 / 棟金) at the back.

Shihozume gitae


See the tsurikomi article by the Kashima sisters. Also Markus Sesko; Encyclopedia of Japanese swords. Lulu Publishing. 2014. Page 390. (Available for purchase here.)


Further reading

Article: Construction methods of Japanese swords


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Carved out of copper alloy with details highlighted in gold.


Very delicate work with carved guardian lions.


Of a copper alloy with a different shade on each side.


Unusual tsuba with foreign figures and Chinese auspicious symbols.


Pierced and chiseled showing an 18th century European vessel.


Very finely carved with designs reminiscent of export wares.