Language: Long Way Dayak
Source: Period source


Leng is the Long Way Dayak word for a type of mandau tip. The same tip is also known as monong.1


Mandau of the leng variety

A mandau with the leng / monong variety tip.


Mandau shapes
Illustration from Tromp, 1887. (See notes.)

Their names in the Long Way Dayak language;

Fig A.) Leng / Monong

Fig B.) Longna

Fig C.) Lidjib

Fig D.) Li-po-tong


1. S.W. Tromp; Mededeelingen omtrent mandau's. Den Haag, 1887. Published in Internationales Archiv für Ethnographie,  International Gesellschaft für Ethnographie; Rijksmuseum van Oudheden te Leiden, 1888. Volume 1, pages 22-26.

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The sword and everyday tool of the headhunters of Borneo.


The famous sidearm of the headhunters of Borneo.


With less common wooden hilt and elaborately inlaid blade in brass, copper and silver.


In original condition and period finish. Some losses, no repairs.


A classic example with an older blade and timaha wood scabbard.


A very fine example with beautifully chiseled silver pommel plate.