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Language: Japanese
Source: The Kashima sisters


Kusabi-hi (楔樋) literally means "wedge groove". It is the Japanese name for a peculiar type of grooves found on some spearheads.1



1. The Kashima Sisters; Grooves on swords and their meaning.

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Made in Canton, China, for the Japanese market.


Both blades signed, its koshirae fine maki-e lacquer work. Ito school tsuba and Mino Gotō style mounts. …

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Considered one of the best makers of naginata, he worked for the household of Fukushima Masanori.

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Made in the 16th century, for the warrior monks of the Hozo-in temple in Nara.

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A masterpiece of the genre. The Yagami school were excellent carvers of iron.


Fine work and one of the very few enamelled tsuba by this maker.