Language: Hindi
Source: Catalogue and guide to state museum, Bharatpur. Jaipur, 1961.


Korbandi describes a type of decoration where the center of an object, often a sword or dagger hilt, is left plain and the borders are inlaid or overlaid with gold or silver. The plain area often consists of special patterned steel like pattern welded steel or wootz.


Korbandi talwar hilt

Talwar hilt with korbandi decoration.
Wootz panels with gold overlay borders.


Catalogue and guide to state museum, Bharatpur (Rajasthan). Jaipur, 1961.

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IntroductionThe talwa


Early type with very shallow notch in the blade and little flare in the pommel.


An understated, elegant khukuri of substantial proportions with fine layered blade.


The style typical of Kutch, the execution far above what is normally seen on work from that area.

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This kind of fine work is typical for Tibetan work of the 15th-16th centuries.


With iron, silver overlaid hilt. Its associated scabbard features fine quillwork.