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Southern Chinese saber marked H. Hunt 1876 logo

Chinese military saber marked 1876

Southern Chinese officer style saber with later inscription H.Hunt 1876.
Qing peidao with silver overlay logo

Silver overlaid pèidāo

A Qing officer saber with silver overlay on the blade.
Han Plain Red Banner saber

Han Plain Red Banner saber

Southern Chinese saber made for a soldier under the Plain Red Banner.
Golden groove peidao logo

Qing peidao with gold grooves

With fine 18th century blade that combines many stylistic features.
Chinese demon head saber

Chinese demon head saber

Based on a Chinese military saber blade, with unusual horn demon hilt
Twistcore peidao logo

Qing twistcore peidao

A fine twistcore blade in standard pattern Qing military mounts.
Qing military saber with Manchu label logo

The saber of Manchu Wu Songlu

A standard pattern Qing military saber, but with the rare addition of a label in Manchu.
Jun Huo Ju saber logo

Jūn Huǒ Jú-made saber

Produced in the ordnance factory in Zengbu, near Guangzhou.
Liuyedao with fine blade

Liuyedao with very good blade


This Chinese liǔyèdāo is an excellent example of Chinese bladesmithing at its best.

19th century Qing fangshi peidao logo

Qing fangshi soldier's saber

A rare surviving example of the simple military version of this style.
Cantonese saber logo

Cantonese saber

With brass mounts and ray skin covered scabbard.
A southern dao logo

Southern Chinese saber

Of typical southern form with a very slender, pointy blade.
Niuweidao logo

An early form niúwěidāo

With good, layered blade, mounted in forged iron mounts.
Qijiadao logo

Qijiadao in Vince Evans mounts

The 17th-century blade is mounted in fittings designed by Philip Tom and executed by Vince Evans some 20 years ago.


Manchu word for saber.
Zi Qín Jì

Zi Qín Jì (子勤記)

A Chinese sword maker's shop that was active during the Guangxu period (1875 - 1908).
Rusty saber

Dāo shàng xiù (刀上鏥)

Language: Mandarin Chinese
Source: Classical literature

Spine logo

Dāo bèi (刀背)

Qing Chinese for the back of a blade.
Qing saber lanyard

Yāodāo xìzi (腰刀繫子)

Qing Chinese for saber lanyard.
daoqiao dishu

Dāoqiào dǐshù (刀鞘底束)

Qing Chinese for the two mounts on either end of a saber scabbard.
Saber suspension bar

Dāo shù liáng (刀束樑)

Language: Mandarin Chinese
Source: Classical literature

Yaodao logo

Yāodāo (腰刀)

Literally "waist saber", the standard military saber of the Qing.
Tang logo

Sǔn (榫)

Language: Mandarin Chinese
Source: Classical literature

Nick in a Chinese saber blade

Dāo rèn bēng (刀刃崩)

Qing Chinese for edge damage on a saber blade.
Chinese saber blade

Dāo rèn (刀刃)

Qing Chinese for saber edge / saber blade.
Simple chape

Dāo dǐ gū (刀底箍)

Qing Chinese for a saber scabbard endpiece.
Saber endpiece

Dāo dǐ yún (刀底雲)

Qing Chinese for a specific type of scabbard endpiece.

Dāo qiào dǐ shù (刀鞘底束)

Qing Chinese for saber scabbard endpiece.
Suspension bar

Dāo liáng (刀梁)

Qing Chinese for the suspension bar on a saber scabbard.
Suspension bar

Qiàoshàng shuāngyǎn shù (鞘上雙眼束)

Qing Chinese for the suspension bar on a scabbard.
Suspension bar

Dāo shùliáng (刀束樑)

Qing Chinese for the suspension bar on a saber scabbard.
Suspension bands

Dāoqiào zhōngshù (刀鞘中束)

Qing Chinese for "saber suspension bands".
Saber binder

Dāoqiào shù (刀鞘束)

Qing Chinese for saber scabbard mounts.
Jian scabbard logo

Qiào kǒugū (鞘口箍)

Qing Chinese for the mouthpiece of a scabbard.
Scabbard mouthpiece

Dāoqiào kǒugū (刀鞘口箍)

Qing Chinese for the mouthpiece of a saber scabbard.
Qing saber scabbard

Dāoqiào (刀鞘)

Qing Chinese for "saber scabbard".
Saber grooves

Dāo cáo (刀槽)

Qing Chinese for a groove in a saber blade.
Dao tunkou

Dāo tūnkǒu (刀吞口)

Qing Chinese term for the collar-piece found on some Chinese sabers.
Saber guard logo

Dāo hūshǒu (刀護手)

Qing Chinese for "saber guard".
Saber ferrule

Dāobǎ shù (刀把束)

Qing Chinese for the ferrule of a saber hilt.
Chinese saber pommel

Dāobǎ dǐngshù (刀把頂束)

Qing Chinese for "saber pommel".
Chinese saber grip

Dāobǎ (刀把 / 刀把)

Qing Chinese for "saber grip".
Fangshi revival saber logo

Fangshi officer's saber

With a good blade and a set of fittings that exceed the quality of most of this period.
A Chinese peidao logo

Pèidāo (佩刀)

Literally "waist-worn-saber".
Large southern Chinese saber

Large Southern Chinese saber

Built around a beautifully forged blade, in full polish, revealing a burl grain pattern.
Yanlingdao logo

Yànlíngdāo (雁翎刀)

A Chinese saber type that translates as "goose-feather saber".
Yanchidao logo

Yànchìdāo (雁翅刀)

Chinese saber type with a gently curved blade and clipped tip.
Liuyedao logo

Liǔyèdāo (柳葉刀)

A Chinese saber with a gentle curve.
Yanmaodao logo

Yànmáodāo (雁毛刀)

A Chinese saber type with a mainly straight blade that curves up at the tip. It literally means "goose-quill-saber".
A Manchu saber logo

A 17th century Manchu saber

A massive 17th century saber blade with markings in Manchu and Chinese.