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Sinhalese cross spear

Sinhalese patisthānaya

A very fine example retaining its original lacquered shaft.


A Sinhalese processional polearm.


Alternative name for a Sinhalese processional polearm. See patisthānaya below.
Antique Chinese spearhead

Ming style spearhead

A heavy, well-made piece that was probably a military issue.

Large spearhead from South India

An unusual type with a broad leaf-shaped head with deep sunken panels.
Mdung spear

Tibetan spearhead

Of slender type with a chiseled iron knot shaped bolster.

Lěngyànjù (冷豔鋸)

Nickname for Guan Yu's "Green Dragon Crescent Blade".
Qinglong Yanyuedao

Qīnglóng yǎnyuèdāo (青龍偃月刀)

The mythical pole arm of Guan Yu.

Chūnqiūdāo (春秋刀)

Literally: "Spring-autumn blade", an alternative name for the yǎnyuèdāo.

Yǎnyuèdāo (掩月刀)

Name by which the yǎnyuèdāo (偃月刀) first appears in the 11th century.

Guāndāo (關刀)

A commonly used name for the yǎnyuèdāo (偃月刀).
Long spear

Chángqiāng (長槍)

The Chinese long spear.
Green Standard Army Long Spear

Lùyíng chángqiāng (綠營長槍)

A large spear issued to the troops of the Green Standard Army in the Qing dynasty
tiger spear

Tasha gida

Manchu name for a large hunting spear in use by the Qing dynasty Tiger spear division.
Long spear

Hùjūn Xiāoqí Chángqiāng (護軍驍騎長槍)

A very large spear issued to the cavalry contingent of the Guard Division.
Long spear logo

Guard Division Valiant Cavalry Long Spear (Qing)

A very long spear or lance, issued to the cavalry of the Guard Division.
Jiànruìyíng Chángqiāng

Jianruiying Long Spear (Qing)

A type of spear used by the Jianruiying, the Qing's special forces.
Jianruiying spear

Jiànruìyíng Chángqiāng (健銳營長槍)

The long spear of the Jianruiying, the special forces of the Qing dynasty.
tiger fork

Hǔchā (虎叉)

The Chinese tiger fork.
tiger fork

Tiger fork

Chinese "tiger forks" or hǔchā (虎叉) are one of the classic weapons in Chinese martial arts.


Yǎnyuèdāo (偃月刀)

"Reclining moon blade", an iconic Chinese polearm.
Javelin logo

Suōbiāo (梭鏢)

A Chinese type of javelin.
Chinese javelin logo

Biāo (鏢)

A Chinese javelin.
Tiger spear logo

Tiger spear (Qing)

The "tiger spear" was a large hunting spear in use by the Qing dynasty Tiger spear division.

Tiger spear logo


A large hunting spear in use by the Qing dynasty Tiger spear division.
Sinhalese spear logo

A Sinhalese spear

A nice example of a rare type of weapon from the Sinhalese arsenal.
Tanjore spearhead

Tanjore spearhead


A south Indian spearhead with a thick double-edged, symmetrical leaf-shaped blade.

Indian javelin

Indian javelin head

With leaf-shaped blade with strong ribbed feature on either side.
Chinese tiger fork

Chinese tiger fork

One of the classic weapons in Chinese martial arts.
South Indian spearhead

A south Indian spearhead

A large example of a type called sang.
Chinese javelin logo

Chinese javelin head


At first sight, this may look like a miniature version of a standard Qing spearhead.

Chinese yanyuedao logo

Chinese yanyuedao

One of the most iconic of Chinese weapons, commonly known as "Guandao"
Spears of the Qing dynasty logo

Spears of the Qing dynasty

In this article I highlight a number of spears used by the Qing dynasty military.
Green Standard Army weapons logo

Edged Weapons of the Green Standard Army

The Green Standard Army was a large standing army of the Qing dynasty.