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Niuweidao logo

An early form niúwěidāo

With good, layered blade, mounted in forged iron mounts.
Zi Qín Jì

Zi Qín Jì (子勤記)

A Chinese sword maker's shop that was active during the Guangxu period (1875 - 1908).
A niuweidao hilt logo

Niuweidao with Guangxu mark

Dated 1895. Large and heavy, a quality piece.
Niuweidao logo

Niúwěidāo (牛尾刀)

A late form of Chinese saber with a pronounced widening at the tip.
Oxtail saber

Niuweidao - oxtail saber


An early Republican period niuweidao (牛尾刀) or "oxtail saber