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Northern Vietnamese saber logo

A Tonkinese saber

Northern Vietnam, 19th century
Antique Vietnamese saber

Vietnamese officer gươm

With staghorn grip finely carved with plum blossoms.
Vietnamese ceremonial guom logo

Very fine ceremonial gươm

An outstanding example with very fine silver and moth-of-pearl work.
Vietnamese guom

Vietnamese officer's gươm

Of a late 19th century type with a silver-backed hardwood grip.
Ceremonial guom truong

Ceremonial gươm truòng

Of an all-wooden construction, simulating a sheathed long saber.
Vietnamese guom logo

Vietnamese ceremonial saber

A magnificent example of a Vietnamese ceremonial saber, or guőm.


Vietnamese officer saber

General introduction

Ornate Vietnamese guőm (narrow-bla

Horn hilted Vietnamese officer's saber

Horn hilted Vietnamese officer's saber

An unusual Vietnamese officer saber of the 19th century, with an all-horn hilt.
Fine Vietnamese saber

Fine Vietnamese saber


Most antique Vietnamese sabers on the market are either ornat

Cham sword logo

Old Cham sword

In excavated condition. Probably 15th-17th century.
16th century Vietnamese saber

16th century Vietnamese saber

Showing the strong Japanese influence on Vietnamese sword making of the time.
Exceptional Vietnamese saber guard

Exceptional Vietnamese saber

With mountings of meticulously worked copper with silver overlays
Vietnamese all-metal ceremonial guom

All-metal ceremonial guom

With captured French blade, ground down to fit.
A signed Vietnamese fighting saber

A signed Vietnamese fighting saber

Presented in this article is a somewhat rare example of a purely practical Vietnamese fighting saber,