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Sher bacha

Sher bacha (شير بچا )

Persian word for a small blunderbuss. Literally: tiger cub.
Straits Chinese blunderbuss

Khang prai

Thai name for a type of blunderbuss produced by the Straits Chinese.
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The blunderbuss originated in 17th-century Europe.

Vietnamese matchlock musket logo

Súng hỏa mai

Vietnamese word for matchlock musket.
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Acehnese word for blunderbuss.
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Lila / lilla

Indonesian word for a swivel cannon.
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Padri gun

Padri gun is the name of a Malay matchlock.
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Malay word for their matchlock musket.
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The alternative spelling of the Džeferdar, a type of miquelet gun from Montenegro.
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A type of gun from Montenegro with rich mother-of-pearl inlays.
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Niǎoqiāng (鳥鎗)

The Chinese word for matchlock musket.
Tibetan matchlock musket logo

Me mda' (ཨེ་མདའ་)

Tibetan word for the matchlock musket.
Miquelet lock

Mediterranean lock

An alternative name for the miquelet lock
Miquelet lock


Collector's jargon for a type of lock for a firearm
Indian toradar logo


The Indian matchlock musket.