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Dated 1928 dha

Burmese dha dated 1928

A nice example that can serve as a benchmark to help date others.
Dha shay

Dha shay

A Burmese name for the long dha.
Linkin dha

Linkin dha

A type of dha used by various tribes in northern Burma.


Alternative spelling for dha-lwé. A large dha that was worn slung over the shoulder.
truong dao

Trường đao (長刀)

A large Vietnamese type of falchion sword.
Tibetan sword

Tibetan shortsword

With elaborately pierced and chased silver scabbard.
Ban sword logo

Sikkim "ban" sword

With finer forge folded blade than most of its type.
Steel and Magic

Steel and Magic in Solingen

Earlier this month I was at the opening of the exhibit "Steel and Magic.

Mamluk style sword in talwar hilt

Mamluk style sword in talwar hilt

Chiseled with a rare type of decor on the base, and with two Islamic inscriptions.
Algerian yatagan

Fine Algerian yataghan

An exceptionally large example with silver-clad scabbard.
Qijiadao logo

Qijiadao in Vince Evans mounts

The 17th-century blade is mounted in fittings designed by Philip Tom and executed by Vince Evans some 20 years ago.
Sumbawa sword

A Sumbawa Kabeala

With broad silver-clad scabbard, worked entirely in repousse.
Finely forged kora

A finely forged kora

With very good pattern welded blade, complete with scabbard.


Burmese for a type of sword worn slung over the shoulder.
Ceremonial guom

Thanh gươm (劍)

Vietnamese for a ceremonial saber.
Republican dadao

1930's Republican dàdāo

Of the exact type seen in use by the famous 29th Route Army.
Antique Vietnamese saber

Vietnamese officer gươm

With staghorn grip finely carved with plum blossoms.
Vietnamese ceremonial guom logo

Very fine ceremonial gươm

An outstanding example with very fine silver and moth-of-pearl work.
Large Burmese dagger

Fine Burmese dha hmyaung

With intricately carved ivory hilt depicting a demon on a horse.
Vietnamese guom

Vietnamese officer's gươm

Of a late 19th century type with a silver-backed hardwood grip.
Boy's brass hilted pata

Boy's brass hilted patá

With charming zoomorphic gauntlet with feline head.
Fine Indian tegha logo

Indian teghá with fine hilt

With wide, pattern-welded blade.
Tegha logo


A type of Indian saber with a broad blade.
Guom logo

Gươm (鎌)

The Vietnamese saber.
Guom truong

Gươm truòng (鎌長)

The Vietnamese two-handed saber.
Ceremonial guom truong

Ceremonial gươm truòng

Of an all-wooden construction, simulating a sheathed long saber.
Vijayanagara pata

Vijayanagara "pata"

A very early example of the type, with locally made rapier style blade.
Zhanmadao logo

Zhǎnmǎdāo (斬馬刀)

Literally, "horse cutting blade". The name of various classical Chinese weapons.

Butterfly swords

English name for the húdiédāo (蝴蝶刀)
Bat jam do 

Bat jam do (八斬刀)

Cantonese pronunciation for bāzhǎndāo, an alternative name for húdiédāo.
Bazhandao logo

Bāzhǎndāo  (八斬刀)

Alternative name for the húdiédāo.

Kǎndāo (砍刀)

Chinese for "chopping saber". An alternative name for the dàdāo.
Dadao logo

Dàdāo (大刀)

Literally "big knife", it is primarily associated with the iconic broad saber of post-imperial China.

Shuāngjiàn (雙劍)

Language: Mandarin Chinese



A forward-curved sword that is associated mainly with the Ghurkas of Nepal.
Pa tam

Pa tam (པ་ཏམ་)

Tibetan word for a sword worn at the waist.

Dpa'dam (དཔའ་དམ་)

Tibetan name for their typical dress sword.

Húdiédāo (蝴蝶刀)

A type of Chinese double swords with D-shaped guards.
Sosun pattah

Sosun pattah (सोसन पत्ता)

An Indian sword with a recurved blade.
Garin logo


Manchu for "saber guard".
Zhanmadao logo

Green Standard Army Zhanmadao

The Green Standard Army Zhanmadao was a large two-handed saber of the Qing dynasty.

Saber glossary logo

A saber glossary in Manchu

An overview of Manchu saber terminology.


Manchu word for saber.
Ming jian logo

Ming jian with chiseled mounts

A very early, full-length type, rarely seen with chiseled iron mounts.
Burmese double knives

Burmese double knives

A rare set of twin knives in a single scabbard.
Signed and dated Burmese dha

The Rundle dha of 1898

A signed and dated Burmese dha.
Ivory hilted dha logo

Ivory hilted dha

An earlier example with an iconographic hilt.
Zi Qín Jì

Zi Qín Jì (子勤記)

A Chinese sword maker's shop that was active during the Guangxu period (1875 - 1908).
Burmese sword carbine

Burmese sword carbine

A rare Burmese weapon combining a percussion carbine with a short sword.


Sinhala for the point of a sword blade.