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Chirra logo


Collector's term for the ridges outlining grooves on a khukurī blade.
Cira on khukuri

Cirā चिरा

Nepali term for the ridges outlining grooves on a khukurī blade.
Ang khola khukuri logo

Āṅa khol khukurī (आङ आङ खुकुरी)

A subtype of khukurī that has a single fuller in the main portion of the blade.
ana khukuri logo

Āṅa khukurī (आङ खुकुरी)

A subtype of khukurī that has no fullers in the main portion of the blade.
Tin chirra khukuri logo

Tīna cirā khukurī (तीन चिरा खुकुरी)

A subtype of khukurī that has three fullers in the main portion of the blade.
Dui chirra khukuri logo

Du'i cirā khukurī (दुइ चिरा खुकुरी)

A subtype of khukurī that has two fullers in the main portion of the blade.
Dui chirra khukuri logo

A "dui chirra" khukuri

Named so after the two ridges that are formed on the bi-fullered blade.
Khukri grip

Bĩṛ (बिँड़्)

Nepali word for the handle of a khukuri.
Pato khukuri logo

Pāto (पातो)

Nepali word for the "shoulder" of a khukurī blade.
Khol on khukri

Khol (खोल्)

Nepali for the grooves running the base of a khukuri blade.
Khukuri kauro logo

Kauro (कौड़ो)

Nepali term for the notch at the base of a khukurī blade.
Edge logo

Dhār (धार्)

Nepali term for the edge of a blade.
blade of kukri logo

Bāṛ (बाड़्)

Nepali term for the blade of a khukurī.
Budhune khukuri logo

A fine budhune khukurī

A fat-bellied variety of the Nepalese khukurī with mirror polished blade and iron handle with fine silver overlay.
Khukuri glossary logo

A Nepalese khukurī glossary

A historical glossary of terminology of this iconic Nepalese knife.
Budhunē kukri

Budhunē khukurī (बुधुने खुकुरी)

A variation of khukri with a short, broad blade.
Khukri logo

Khukri (खुक्रि)

The traditional fighting and utility knife of Nepal.
Kothimora khukuri logo

Silver khukuri with bone grip

Often called "kothimora khukuri", with scabbards mounted in repousse and pierced silver.
Large kothimora khukuri

Large tin chirra kothimora khukuri

An exceptionally large example with a desirable three fullered blade.
Mutiny era khukuri logo

A fine mutiny era khukuri

An understated, elegant khukuri of substantial proportions with fine pattern welded blade.
Very large khukuri logo

Large silver mounted khukuri

With pierced mounts and velvet-covered scabbard.
Khukuri logo

A silver clad khukuri

With fine silver mounts worked in repousse with designs of flowers and foliage.
Keris logo


Thrusting dagger of the Malay archipelago, often with an undulating blade.
Trousse set logo


French word for case or kit. Used for arms that carry other accouterments in their scabbard.
Early chilanum hilt logo

Early chilanum hilt

An old bronze hilt in the shape of chilanum hilts.
Vijayanagara hooded katar logo

Simple hooded katar

Of a type that is strongly associated with the Vijayanagara empire.
Fine deccan curved katar logo

A fine curved Deccan katar

With beautifully shaped blade and fine, elaborately chiseled hilt.
Deccan curved katar logo

A curved Deccan katar

With elaborately pierced and chiseled hilt.
Jamdhar logo

Jamdhar (جامدار )

Persian word meaning "demon's tooth", used to describe daggers.
Deccan chilanum logo

A Deccan chilanum

With wootz blade, and silver overlaid hilt that was finished with fire-gilding.
early Bundi style katar logo

Katar with complex ribbed blade

A substantial example, of elegant form, with a complex grooved blade.
South Indian stiletto dagger logo

South Indian loop hilted dagger


Indian loop hilted dagger are generally called bichuwa (बिछुवा ) which literally mean

Eastern Tibetan or Jinchuan dagger logo

Studded Eastern Tibetan dagger

Of Kham area regional style, with a grip studded with turquoises and corals.
Simple Sinhalese pihiya

A Sinhalese knife

Rarely seen today, a commoner's example with carved, bone hilt.
Straight khanjarli

Unusual khanjarli

With straight blade and two opposing Yali chiseled out of the forte of the blade.
Garsoee katar

Garsoee katar

A specific type of katar that is commonly associated with Kutch.
Khema armorer logo


Alternate writing for Khēmau, an armorer working at Bundi.
Royal Palace Kukri logo

Gold mounted presentation khukurī

Thought to have been presented by the Royal House of Nepal.
Fine Nepalese kukri or khukuri with silver mounts logo

A silver mounted khukuri

Of the 19th century, with fine pierced scabbard mouthpiece.
Khukuri logo


Common collector's term for the Nepalese khukuri. Main article: Khukuri
Kukri logo

Khukurī (खुकुरी )

A utility and fighting knife associated mainly with the Ghurkas of Nepal.
Sindh presentation katar

A katar from Sindh

With markings suggesting it was a wedding gift, presented in 1832.
Bhutanese silver dagger

Fine Bhutanese dagger

With heavy silver mounts, pierced and chiseled.
Khemau logo

Khēmau (खेमौ)

An armorer working in Bundi from at least 1835 to 1872.
Bundi katar

A katar from Bundi

The style typical for royal katar made under Maharao Ram Singh.
Fine Deccan katar logo

Silver inlaid Deccan katar

An impressive example with true inlays in silver in the hilt.
Katar logo

18th century northern katar

With high-contrast wootz blade and fine damascening in two tones of gold.
Rajasthani boy's katar

Golden damascened boy's katar

A rare example with pattern welded blade, retaining its original scabbard.
Bhutanese dagger

Bhutanese dagger

With narrow blade and all brass mounts.