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Qing dynasty dadao logo

A large Qing dàdāo

Large and heavy example with the notable Umlauff provenance.
Tongzhou incident dadao logo

Tongzhou incident 29th army dàdāo

With markings attributing it to the Tongzhou incident and a Japanese surrender tag.
Hui dadao

Chinese Hui sword

A peculiar Chinese dadao with markings attributing it to a Hui army or battallion.
Republican dadao

1930's Republican dàdāo

Of the exact type seen in use by the famous 29th Route Army.

Kǎndāo (砍刀)

Chinese for "chopping saber". An alternative name for the dàdāo.
Dadao logo

Dàdāo (大刀)

Literally "big knife", it is primarily associated with the iconic broad saber of post-imperial China.
Large dadao logo

An exceptionally large dadao

With a wide clipped tip with notched upper edge.
Village militia dadao

Village militia dadao


A large Chinese double handed falchion of a form that is both related to the niuweid

A good dadao logo

A good early dadao


The dadao is the iconic weapon of republican China.