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Eight immortals logo

Bāxiān (八仙), "Eight Immortals"

Eight figures from Chinese Daoist mythology.
Kuiwen logo

Kuíwén (夔紋)

Chinese decorative pattern consisting of archaic dragon motifs.
Gankyil logo


Tibetan name for a Buddhist symbol consisting of three or four elements in a circle.
Nias bekhu


Nias name for the monkey-like figure carved on some sword hilts.
Nias lasara logo


Nias word for the monster head that the people of Nias carved.
Bagua logo

Bāguà (八卦) "Eight Trigrams"

Chinese meaning "Eight Trigrams", representing the fundamental principles of our world.
Serapendiya logo


Sinhalese term for a mythical bird.
Astamangala logo


Tibetan for the Eight Buddhist Treasures
Belu logo


A mythical Burmese, shape-shifting creature.
Dhu alfaqar logo

Dhu alfaqar (ذو الفقار)

An Islamic legendary sword.
Eight Buddhist treasures

Eight Buddhist Treasures

A suite of eight auspicious symbols used in Buddhist art.
Inome logo

Inome (猪目)

"Boar's eye", a heart-shaped pattern commonly used in Japanese art.

Lěngyànjù (冷豔鋸)

Nickname for Guan Yu's "Green Dragon Crescent Blade".
Serapendiya muna

Sérapéṅdiya mūna

Sinhala for the head of a mythical bird. Often used as sword ornament.
Zulfiqar logo


An Islamic legendary sword.
Beidou, the Big Dipper

Běidǒu (北斗)

The Seven Stars of the "the Big Dipper". An important constellation in traditional Chinese philosophy and religion.
Kīrtimukha or face of glory logo


An all-devouring creature that is used across Asia as an auspicious decorative element.
Taotie logo

Tāotiè (饕餮)

Tāotiè (饕餮) is a mythical creature that is used as a decorative element.