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Zand painted shield logo

Persian painted shield

Persian steel shield with fine Qajar style painted dome.
Bo kala logo


Sinhalese term for a decorative motif that resembles the leaf of a sacred fig tree.
Sinhalese lacquered cane

Sinhalese lacquered cane


An antique Sinhalese walking cane, made of a light and relatively flexible rattan.

Fine Sinhalese lacquered bow logo

A fine Sinhalese bow

Made in the Four Workshops of the King of Kandy.
Sinhalese lacquer logo

Sinhalese lacquer work

Sri Lankan craftsmen used methods of applying decorative lacquer that did not involve a brush to great effect.
Sinhalese lacquer workers


Literally "arrow-makers", a Sinhalese class of craftsmen that did wood turning and lacquer work.
Patura logo


Sinhalese term for a decorative motif that consists of elongated triangles with two sides of equal length.
Gal bindu logo

Gal-bindu (ගල් බින්දු)

A Sinhalese decorative motif in lacquer that consists of diamond shapes.