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Nanban tetsu

Nanban tetsu (南蠻鉃)

Literally: Southern barbarian steel.
Bronze mace logo

Tóngjiǎn (銅鐧)

Chinese for a bronze mace.
Saber ferrule

Dāobǎ shù (刀把束)

Qing Chinese for the ferrule of a saber hilt.
Chinese saber pommel

Dāobǎ dǐngshù (刀把頂束)

Qing Chinese for "saber pommel".
Chinese saber grip

Dāobǎ (刀把 / 刀把)

Qing Chinese for "saber grip".
Pulouar logo


A saber associated with the Pashtuns of present-day Afghanistan.
Jiagang logo

Jiāgāng (加鋼)

A construction of edged weapons where a separate piece of high-carbon steel is forged into layers of milder steel.
Baktong logo


Cantonese for báitóng.
Baiton saber guard logo

Báitóng (白銅)

An alloy of copper, nickel, and zinc used among others for sword parts.
Damascus steel logo

Damascus steel

A rather broad term that is used to describe steel that exhibits a fancy pattern.
Twist-core logo

Twist-core steel

A type of pattern-welding using twisted rods of steel.
Huawengang logo

Huāwéngāng (花文鋼)

A type of pattern welding known in English as twist-core.