Trousse khukuri
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Overall length

38.4 cm

Blade length

28 cm

Blade thickness

Base 8 mm

Middle 7 mm

5 cm from tip 5 mm

Blade width

Narrowest at base 30 mm

Widest at belly 55.5 mm

Weight without scabbard

375 grams

Point of balance

9.5 cm from hilt


Iron, steel, wood, horn, leather, plant fiber thread




Mid 20th century


From a European private collection.


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A nice example of a "trousse khukurī" of the first half of the 20th century.

The knife itself is rather well-made. It has a single narrow groove running from the base along the spine up until the shoulder. The main section of the blade is mildly hollow ground. It has the usual ridged back. Blade in perfect condition, no blemishes, no damage, no signs of excessive grinding. Tightly forged. It is still very sharp.

The hilt is made of black water buffalo horn, highly polished. It has the usual raised rim and four engraved bands.The bolster is iron.

Its wooden scabbard is covered with dark brown leather, with tooling along the contours of the scabbard. It has a total of 12 pockets in the back. The usual three for karda, cakmak and tinder pouch. In addition, there is a pocket in-between the karda and chakmak for a pair of tweezers.

Above those three, are two rows of 4 pockets, 8 in total, which carry a variety of tools. Two are missing. Thy include two hooked implements and some very small knives and chisels, one of the knives seems to be a scalpel. Whatever the tools were for, it was fine work. Medical, perhaps.


In pretty good condition throughout. The usual age-related wear and tear on the scabbard leather and a split in the scabbard at the edge side of the mouth. Some chipping to the pommel. Some damage to one of the tool handles. Blade in excellent condition.


A nice example of a relatively rare "trousse khukurī", retaining the majority of its tools. It also comes with a nice khukurī with the somewhat deluxe polished horn handle, with a sharp blade in almost perfect condition.

Trousse khukuri
Trousse khukuri
Trousse khukuri

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