Northern Vietnamese saber
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Overall length

75 cm

Blade length

58 cm

Blade thickness

Base 7.5 mm

Middle 6.2 mm

Start backedge 5 mm

5 cm from tip 3.5 mm

Blade width

Base 33 mm

Middle 32 mm

Start backedge 30 mm

5 cm from tip 23.5 mm


813 grams

Point of balance

13.5 cm from guard


Iron, steel, wood, brass, copper, bronze



Northern Vietnam


Early to mid 19th century


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A hefty Vietnamese fighting saber of the 19th century. It has the classic octagonal flaring grip often seen in the region. Sometimes these are carved from horn, this one appears to be lacquered wood.

It has a long brass ferrule, round guard in the same material, with a copper Japanese-inspired washer. The blade is more in the Chinese fashion, with narrow grooves just under the spine and a back bevel at the tip. The blade is further decorated with swirling engravings that are typical for Vietnamese work. The blade has a bronze collar piece.

The blade is laminated, with one section of laminations separating, a forging flaw that became apparent through use. There was also a small hole drilled through the blade, recently filled.

Hole in saber filled


North Vietnamese saber
North Vietnamese saber
North Vietnamese saber
North Vietnamese saber
North Vietnamese saber
North Vietnamese saber
North Vietnamese saber
North Vietnamese saber

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