Kora hilted khukuri
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Overall length

57.8 cm

Blade length

44.8 cm

Blade thickness

Base 10 mm

At bend 9.5 mm

5 cm from tip 5 mm

Blade width

Narrowest at base 34 mm

Widest at tip 62 mm


892 gram

Point of balance

12 cm from hilt


Iron, steel, wood, leather, plant fiber thread




Late 19th century


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A rarer variety of khukurī knife with an iron sword hilt with a grip between two round plates. The style is reminiscent of the hilts on Nepalese kora swords, while the grip section itself reminds a little of that found on some talwar hilts.

Such sword-hilted khukurī are often quite early, their use going back to the early 1800s and perhaps even earlier than that. This particular piece has a blade shape with a deep notch that appears to indicate a later 19th-century date, showing the concept remained in use for some time.

A very large piece with a good, heavy blade. The scabbard missing some parts.

Kora hilted khukuri
Kora hilted khukuri
Kora hilted khukuri
Kora hilted khukuri
Kora hilted khukuri
Kora hilted khukuri
Kora hilted khukuri
Kora hilted khukuri

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Currently available:

With a very fine Nepalese blade, but kard-like hilt and scabbard.


Early type with very shallow notch in the blade and little flare in the pommel.


20th century military khukurī with many different tools in its back pocket.


Simple piece with a beautiful blade profile.


Very large presentation kukri from the Sundarijal Arsenal in Nepal.


An understated, elegant khukuri of substantial proportions with fine layered blade.