Persian wootz axe
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Overall length

67.3 cm

Head size

14 cm wide edge

11.9 cm long

3.4 cm hammer width


1037 grams

Point of balance

44 cm from pommel


Iron, wootz steel, silver, gold 


18th to early 19th century

(Late Safavid, Afsharid, Zand or early Qajar)


From a British private collector


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A Persian axe with a crescent moon-shaped blade. Blade made of fine wootz steel, its details brought out in a recent polish and etch. Both sides of the blade are chiseled with a predator bird and its prey, a common Persian motif. Floral engravings appear on the flat of the hammer.

Further decoration includes fine gold overlay on all sides of the head, including fine decorative borders along the back contour of the blade, and decorative work on top and bottom of the axe head. All gold overlay is largely intact.

The execution of both the chiseled work and the gold overlay is much better than normally encountered on these.

The haft is made of steel, largely of the faceted cross-section with silver overlay on all sides. The top and bottom are capped with iron caps, the top overlaid with gold, the bottom with silver decoration.


Persian axe
Persian axe
Persian axe
Persian axe
Persian axe
Persian axe
Persian axe
Persian axe
Persian axe
Persian axe
Persian axe

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Currently available:

With wootz blade inlaid in gold with the name of the maker and the owner.


Made using Persian wootz. Pronounced features, chiseled socket.


Finely crafted wootz blade, and golden inlays at the base.


Of jambiya form, with pattern welded blade and fine silver scabbard mounts.


Blade of Persian shamshir form, but of Indian make. Mounts in Kutch style gilt copper.


With fine blade in recent polish. With resting scabbard.