Japanese nanban tsuba

70 x 69 x 6 mm


91 grams


Probably Japanese, inspired by Chinese design


Iron, gold


18th - 19th century


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A rather good example of a Japanese-made nanban tsuba.

It features two dragons chasing the pearl of wisdom in foliage. The dragons are very well articulated and the scrollwork deeply undercut on several places. The center plate for the tang aperture is worked with a wave pattern that is commonly found also on Asian export sword guards originating from outside of Japan.

Purely Japanese sword guards are usually not decorated there because the part, when mounted, is hidden by washers or seppa. That this Japanese-made guard does have them perhaps indicates that it was not meant to be mounted, but rather appreciated on its own.


A beautiful Japanese-made guard that was inspired by Chinese saber guards of the 17th century. Comes with depicted hand made wooden box for storage and display.


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Products of Asian maritime trade in the 17th-18th centuries.


A beautiful signed Japanese ferrule and pommel plate.


A large circular Asian export sword guard with elaborate decor carved in relief on both sides.


A chiseled iron sword guard depicting a Dutch ship with a figure on its stern.


This guard, at first sight, appears very


A robust Chinese or Vietnamese sword guard of rare form, probably imported into Japan by Dutch or Chinese merchants.

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