Montagnard saber
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Overall length

53.5 cm

Blade length

40.7 cm

Blade thickness

Base 7.5 mm

Middle 3.2 mm

5 cm from tip 2 mm

Blade width

Base 28.5 mm

Middle 33 mm

Widest 36 mm

5 cm from tip 25 mm


431 grams

Point of balance

72 mm from guard


Iron, bronze, wood


Central Highlands, Vietnam


19th to early 20th century

hilt possibly earlier


French antiques market


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A short saber with a coarsely forged blade, not polished to remove the indentations of the hammer. It gives the impression of a purely functional hacker. 

The widening at the base reminds of that same feature on Burmese and Thai swords while the overall blade profile is significantly wider, vaguely reminiscent of some Chinese blades.

It has a small bronze eight-lobed guard in a style that is typical for the various hill tribes of the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Such guards are a remnant of guards seen on swords traded from Japan or brought from Japan by Japanese immigrants who settled throughout Southeast Asia in the 17th century.

The hilt is the best thing about the piece, and may well predate the blade. Made of a cast bronze sleeve over a wooden core. It has ornamental bands on the grip section and widens towards the guard, where the surface is decorated with highly stylized petals. The pommel also has a rim of petal-like features and circular decoration on the pommel plate.


Montagnard short saber
Montagnard short saber
Montagnard short saber
Montagnard short saber
Montagnard short saber

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Currently available:

Collected by a Russian prince from the hill peoples of central Vietnam in 1892.


Presented by the local Dai nobility to a British customs officer in 1936.


Chiseled with a rare type of decor on the base, and with two Islamic inscriptions.


Description A rather unusual Vi


A very fine specimen with VOC blade and ruby-set scabbard.

Price on request

Of jambiya form, with pattern welded blade and fine silver scabbard mounts.