Indian sota mace
Overall length

58.3 cm


771 grams

Point of balance

21 cm from top


Forged steel




17th-19th century


From a private collection

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An all-steel Indian mace, increasing gradually in thickness towards its mace head, terminating in a hammer-like end. It is almost entirely engraved with geometric patterns.



Such maces are rather rare and we have very little concrete information about them. Lacking any pieces with solid provenance, it is also hard to build up a timeline for accurately dating them.

The steel on this one and the manner of decoration do indicate some age, and a working life where it was handled a lot. Therefore I would tentatively date it to the 17th-18th century.


Sota mace
Sota mace

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Finely forged, rifled, and with gold overlay.


With gold koftgari decorated hilt.


The hilt with remains of silver plating.


From the knife-making center of Bhera in the Punjab, using finely polished serpentine.


An all-steel Indian mace with a long round cross-section haft and square cross-section hammer tip.


Belonging to a group of royal katar made by Khemau under Maharao Ram Singh.