Eccentric khukuri
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Overall length

42.2 cm

Blade length

31.5 cm

Blade thickness

Base 7 mm

Thickest 9 mm
(Right before "shoulder")

Middle 7.5 mm

5 cm from tip 5.5. mm 

Blade width

Narrowest at base 31 mm

Widest at belly 58 mm

Weight without scabbard

505 grams

Point of balance

11.7 cm from hilt


Nepal. Probably made in India.


Iron, steel, wood, brass, bone, leather


Probably 1930s - 1940s


From a European private collection


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A medium-sized khukurī with some unusual features.

Pommels on khukurī are usually made out of the same material as the rest of the hilt. Smetimes we see the combination of two natural materials, such as wood and ivory. In this case, the pommel is made of a piece of sheet brass that was joined on one side with a dovetail connection, the pommel plate being brazed on. The wooden part of the handle has lozenge shaped bone inlays.

The base of the blade has ornamental grooves and dimples that resemble the work done on very high-end khukurī of primarily the early to mid 19th century. On this example, the work is best described as "good from afar, but far from good."

But you can't blame a man for trying: Whoever did it was obviously charmed by these marvellous earlier khukurī, but lacked the time, skill or other resources to match that kind of work.


Kukri in hands of Ghurka soldier

khukurī with similarly decorated spine in the hands of a Gurkha soldier.
World War 2.



Blade has some damage from contact and corrosion. Scabbard open on one side. Pommel dented. It is what it is. See photos.



Despite the indifferent workmanship on the attempts of decoration, the piece has a sturdy blade, handles nicely and is by all means a functional khukurī.

An eccentric khukuri
An eccentric khukuri
An eccentric khukuri
An eccentric khukuri
An eccentric khukuri
An eccentric khukuri
An eccentric khukuri
An eccentric khukuri
An eccentric khukuri
An eccentric khukuri

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Currently available:

With iron, silver overlaid hilt. Its associated scabbard features fine quillwork.


Thought to have been presented by the Royal House of Nepal.


Signed: Ricky Milnes, India 44, Burma 44, Ramree 45.


An exceptionally large example with a desirable three fullered blade.


Persian steel shield with fine Qajar style painted dome.


Nice and complete with opaque green hilt and scabbard mounts.

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