Chinese double knives
Left knife

Overall 36.7 cm

Blade 26 cm

5 mm at base

288 grams

P.o.b. 43 mm from guard

Right knife

Overall 36.8 cm

Blade 26.3 cm

5 mm at base

276 grams

P.o.b. 40 mm from guard


Southern China, Qing dynasty


Iron, steel, brass, bronze, leather, plant fiber thread


Second half 19th century


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A set of southern Chinese double knives. The blades, of elongated triangular shape with slanted tip remind of the blades on húdiédāo (蝴蝶刀) while the D-shaped knuckle guard so common for those is missing on this set.

Instead, the guards consist of a thick bronze plate, facetted on the outside and flat on the inside. The hilts consist of hardwood grips, carved with Buddhist flower baskets in a cartouche bordered by "rolling thunder" patterns. Each grip with brass ferrules on either side of the wood. The tangs are peened on the opposite side of a bronze pommel plate.

The set comes with a pigskin scabbard in the typical southern fashion, folded on the edge side and sewn to a separate piece in the back. The top section of the scabbard is reinforced with another piece of leather with auspicious coin cutouts.

In very good condition overall, some spots of mild pitting on the blades and some damage to the leather scabbard. Hilts are tight.

Southern Chinese double knives
Southern Chinese double knives
Southern Chinese double knives
Southern Chinese double knives
Southern Chinese double knives
Southern Chinese double knives
Southern Chinese double knives

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A rather well-made example of its type.


A rare set of twin knives in a single scabbard.


With good, layered blade, mounted in forged iron mounts.


Based on the Dutch Beaumont mechanism, but with Indonesian twist forged barrel and golden inlays.


Called sung hoả mai in Vietnamese, they are based on the Indo-Portuguese system. This example has a baitong lock.


A large gun with English flintlock mechanism, as favored by the Mirs of the Talpur court. In very good condition, with almost all the gold remaining.

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