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Qing whistling arrow

Shào jiàn (哨箭)

A Chinese whistling arrow.
War arrow logo

Measurements of a Qing war arrow

The standard military arrow of the Qing empire in numbers.
War arrow

Zhànjiàn (戰箭)

Qing Chinese term meaning "war arrow". The standard Qing military arrow.
yataraku fadu

Yatarakū fadu

A traditional fire-making pouch.


Manchu word for a type of large hunting knife.

Shùndāo (順刀)

Chinese name for a type of large hunting knife.
Green Standard Army logo

Lùyíng (綠營)

The Lùyíng (綠營) or "Green Standard Army" was a large force of the Qing dynasty military.

Green Standard Army logo

Niowanggiyan turun-i cooha

Manchu for Green Standard Army: The all-Han army of the Qing dynasty.
Green Standard Army logo

Green Standard Army

The all-Han army of the Qing dynasty.
Valiant Cavalry logo

Aliha Cooha

Manchu word for the Valiant Cavalry, the main contingent of Manchu, Mongolian and Chinese Banner troops.
Niaoqiang logo

Niǎoqiāng (鳥鎗)

The Chinese word for matchlock musket.

Méizhēnjiàn (梅针箭)

Language: Mandarin Chinese
Source: Classical literature

Zhuangyuan logo

Wǔ Zhuàngyuán (武狀元)

Title of the champion of the Qing Imperial Military Examinations.
Chinese trousse in Mongolian style

Chinese trousse in Mongolian style

With heavy pierced silver mounts in with archaic dragon designs.
Sword guard

"South China Sea Guard"

Most likely used by the multi-cultural crews of pirate fleets that roamed the South China seas.
Antique Chinese spearhead

Ming style spearhead

A heavy, well-made piece that was probably a military issue.
Qijiadao logo

Qijiadao in Vince Evans mounts

The 17th-century blade is mounted in fittings designed by Philip Tom and executed by Vince Evans some 20 years ago.
Iron whip

Ruǎn tiěbiān (軟鐵鞭)

Historical Chinese term for an iron chain weapon.
Republican dadao

1930's Republican dàdāo

Of the exact type seen in use by the famous 29th Route Army.
Changxing workshop

Chángxìng (長興)

A famous bow making shop in Chengdu, active until the 1960s.

Lěngyànjù (冷豔鋸)

Nickname for Guan Yu's "Green Dragon Crescent Blade".
Qinglong Yanyuedao

Qīnglóng yǎnyuèdāo (青龍偃月刀)

The mythical pole arm of Guan Yu.
Zhanmadao logo

Zhǎnmǎdāo (斬馬刀)

Literally, "horse cutting blade". The name of various classical Chinese weapons.
Tibetan quiver

Mda‘ gdong (མད་འ་ག་དོ་ང་)

Tibetan for an open quiver that spreads the arrows out.

Butterfly swords

English name for the húdiédāo (蝴蝶刀)
Bat jam do 

Bat jam do (八斬刀)

Cantonese pronunciation for bāzhǎndāo, an alternative name for húdiédāo.
Bazhandao logo

Bāzhǎndāo  (八斬刀)

Alternative name for the húdiédāo.

Kǎndāo (砍刀)

Chinese for "chopping saber". An alternative name for the dàdāo.
Dadao logo

Dàdāo (大刀)

Literally "big knife", it is primarily associated with the iconic broad saber of post-imperial China.


Manchu word for quiver. Also means "right hand".

Chūnqiūdāo (春秋刀)

Literally: "Spring-autumn blade", an alternative name for the yǎnyuèdāo.

Yǎnyuèdāo (掩月刀)

Name by which the yǎnyuèdāo (偃月刀) first appears in the 11th century.

Guāndāo (關刀)

A commonly used name for the yǎnyuèdāo (偃月刀).

Shuāngjiàn (雙劍)

Language: Mandarin Chinese


Húdiédāo (蝴蝶刀)

A type of Chinese double swords with D-shaped guards.
Long spear

Chángqiāng (長槍)

The Chinese long spear.
Green Standard Army Long Spear

Lùyíng chángqiāng (綠營長槍)

A large spear issued to the troops of the Green Standard Army in the Qing dynasty


Manchu word for the washer at the back of a sword pommel.


Manchu word for saber lanyard.
Sirdan sele

Sirdan sele

Manchu for the suspension bar on top of a sword scabbard.
Suspension bands


Manchu for the suspension bands on a sword scabbard.
dubei toldohon

Dubei toldohon

Manchu for the fittings on either end of the scabbard.


Manchu word for scabbard.
Saber ferrule

fesin-i toldohon

Manchu word for sword grip ferrule.
Guye logo


Language: Manchu
Source: Classical literature

Garin logo


Manchu for "saber guard".
Zhanmadao logo

Green Standard Army Zhanmadao

The Green Standard Army Zhanmadao was a large two-handed saber of the Qing dynasty.

tiger spear

Tasha gida

Manchu name for a large hunting spear in use by the Qing dynasty Tiger spear division.
Upper Three Banners

Sān shàng qí (三上旗)

Three of the Qing dynasty Eight Banners that were under the direct control of the emperor.
Long spear

Hùjūn Xiāoqí Chángqiāng (護軍驍騎長槍)

A very large spear issued to the cavalry contingent of the Guard Division.