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Antique arms glossary

A Nepalese khukurī glossary

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In researching antique arms -or any kind of material culture for that matter- it is of paramount importance to actually feel and handle pieces.

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One of the last bows by Yang Wentong, father of Yang Fuxi.
With a small, barbed armor-piercing point and early style painted shaft.
With a large double-edged tip and golden cresting.
An assortment of Indian arrows with various heads.
With fine carved hilts, substantial bronze D-guards, and subtle signs of heat…
With gilt-copper hilt and scabbard done in beautiful Kutch style repousse work.
With less common wooden hilt and elaborately inlaid blade in brass, copper and…
The famous sidearm of the headhunters of Borneo.
With rare pale buffalo horn hilt with gold alloy inlays.
A rare example retaining its original silver covered scabbard.
A large and heavy example with chiseled decor and silver overlaid base.
The scabbard carved as to closely mimic a tooled leather scabbard.
Its scabbard with 12 pockets, with 10 of the items remaining.
Late 19th century with a good, well-made blade.
With a heavy blade of elegant slender form. Complete with tools.
A workhorse with a stamped mark at the base of the blade.