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Language: Japanese
Source: In common use


Yari is the Japanese pronunciation of , the Chinese character for "spear". The spearhead alone is usually just simply called yari as well.

Cross-sections vary, but usually are triangular with often a groove on the largest of three flat sides.

The yari has been in general use since ancient times, but became increasingly popular form the Muromachi period (1336-1573) onwards and were used by simple soldiers and samurai alike.


Long yari

A rare form of yari with kusabi-hi.
Listed at Mandarin Mansion in 2022.


Types of yari

There is an incredible variety among yari with many types and sub-types:

Jūmonji yari (十文字槍), "cross spear"

Yajirigata yari (鏃形槍), "arrowhead-shaped spear"

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Made in Canton, China, for the Japanese market.


Both blades signed, its koshirae fine maki-e lacquer work. Ito school tsuba and Mino Gotō style mounts. …

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Considered one of the best makers of naginata, he worked for the household of Fukushima Masanori.

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Made in the 16th century, for the warrior monks of the Hozo-in temple in Nara.

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A masterpiece of the genre. The Yagami school were excellent carvers of iron.


Fine work and one of the very few enamelled tsuba by this maker.