Language: Khasi
Source: In common use


Waitsum literally means "spear sword" in the Khasi language.

It is a peculiar type of two-handed, single-edged sword with all-steel construction and double crossguards. It is known in the English speaking world as Khasi dao, named after the Khasi people of the Khasi hills, but the weapon was in wider use in the region.

Similar swords have been observed in use by the Ao Nagas as part of a larger group of archaic large sword forms used in ceremonies.1


Khasi dao or Noklang from the Khasi hills of Assam

A typical example.
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These mysterious weapons were already obsolete when the first ethnographers encountered them.


This peculiar sword was used by the Garo people of Assam for fighting, clearing the jungle, and animal…


Description A rather unusual Vi


With broad silver-clad scabbard, worked entirely in repousse.


With markings attributing it to the Tongzhou incident and a Japanese surrender tag.


Collected by a Russian prince from the hill peoples of central Vietnam in 1892.