Language: Dayak
Source: Pleyte, 1891


Tepus is a Dayak blowgun dart in its simplest form, with a tip cut out of the shaft material.1


Dayak dart

A Dayak blowgun dart of the tepus type.
The darkened area at the tip is poison.


Other varieties

Ladjau: with a brass tip
Tangiri: tipped with a separate piece of bamboo

Some have a tip made out of shark-tooth, a few of them have wing-like appendages along the shaft.2


Further reading

For more information, see the main glossary article: damek.


1. C.M. Pleyte; Sumpitan and bow in Indonesia. Internationales Archiv für Ethnographie. Band IV, Heft VI. Leiden. 1891. Pages 265-281.
2. Ibid.

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A curious slashing weapon from northern Borneo.


Its scabbard with 12 pockets, with 10 of the items remaining.


Broad bladed example with horn hilt and engraved blade.


Blade marked with VOC Amsterdam monogram, and the year 1769.


With Dutch VOC blade, marked with the Amsterdam monogram.