Language: Manchu
Source: Classical literature

silin dacungga kvwaran

Silin dacungga kūwaran


The Silin dacungga kūwaran (literally: "elite sharp army") was an elite unit under the Qing dynasty Eight Banners. They were founded in the mid 18th century by the Qianlong emperor. The unit consisted of a few thousand hand-picked men of exceptional martial ability that got special training in overcoming difficult terrain, rivers, and fortifications. They were the Qing military equivalent of today's special forces.

In Chinese: Jiànruìyíng (健銳營)

See the full article: Jianruiying; introduction


"Silin" written on a Manchu war arrow that was probably used
by the Silin dacungga kūwaran. Personal collection.

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DescriptionA Mongolian trousse with horn hilted


Typical Chinese hook sword, with seldom-seen fine silver wire overlay.

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With a golden damascened lock of the Indo-Portuguese type.


With the swirling arabesque motifs that are typical for this period.


Mounted on a custom hardwood stand


Very good example with a finely carved warrior scene.