Sialkot is a district in Punjab, present-day Pakistan, with a capital by the same name. Among arms and armor enthusiasts it is mostly known as a production center of weapons, primarily under the brief Sikh empire which lasted from 1799-1849 A.D. After their fall, the British instated a "Disarmament Act" after which many former armorers started to make utensils incorporating the gold overlay work they used to do on arms.



Notable items

Bonhams sold an interesting iron box with gold koftgari that was inscribed with a maker in their Islamic and Indian Art Online Sale of 10-18 November 2020. London, New Bond Street, lot 182.

Sialkot box Bonhams

The inscription says:

azandeh-ye baks imam bakhsh mistri sakin-e kotli dil'-e Sialkot

"Maker of the box Imam Bakhsh Mistri, resident of Koltli of the district of Sialkhot"


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A fine twistcore blade in standard pattern Qing military mounts.

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An old Korean hornbow from the 50s or 60s with string and arrows.


A large Chinese rattan shield called tengpai, used by special front-line troops.


A rare thousand-year-old dagger from the Khmer empire.


Unusual Chinese duanjian with fine gilt mounts and a blade of non-Chinese origin.


The 9-luk blade of strong proportions is engraved with the face of a demon.