Language: Japanese
Source: In common use


Shakudō (赤銅) is a Japanese alloy containing mainly gold and copper (typically 4–10% gold, 96–90% copper). After being worked to its final shape it is artificially patinated to form a dark, "raven black" patina with a silky gloss that resembles urushi lacquer work.


Shakudō kozuka

A shakudō by-knife handle called kozuka.
Listed at Mandarin Mansion in 2021.


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Carved out of copper alloy with details highlighted in gold.


Very delicate work with carved guardian lions.


Unusual tsuba with foreign figures and Chinese auspicious symbols.


Pierced and chiseled showing an 18th century European vessel.


Very finely carved with designs reminiscent of export wares.


In black and gold urushi lacquer, with fine mother-of-pearl inlays with aquatic landscapes on both sides. …